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-contemporary version


Electric Guitar with pre-recorded Audio or 2 Electric Guitars

Programme Notes

With my deepest gratitude and admiration, “Sacrifice” is dedicated to the musician and guitarist Manuel Göttsching.

I embarked on the composition of “Sacrifice” by embracing the chess concept suggested by Manuel Göttsching’s iconic work, “E2E4,” both in its title and artwork. My creative journey involved examining the chessboard and delving into the intricacies of the game, seeking to craft the soundscape.

Ultimately, I chose to translate the historic 1956 match between Bobby Fischer and Donald Byrne into musical notes. Drawing from the scales borrowed from “E2E4,” I mapped musical notes to the chessboard and selected key sounds that corresponded to the movements of the pieces while seamlessly weaving in the constituent notes of the two chords featured in “E2E4.”

While it’s inspired by a game of chess, the music aimed for a careful journey, moving step by step, treating it not as a “match” but as a “dialogue.” The ideal being, the music to start and end like a meticulous path leading to a single answer from among the many possibilities.

On December 4, 2022, Manuel joined the heavens. “Sacrifice” was in mid-production. Not only did Manuel unveil a rare musical vista, but through music he connected with me as a fellow musician. The gratitude I feel toward Manuel cannot be fully expressed in words.

Additionally, for this piece, there is an “improvisation version” designed for two performers, featuring distinct performance rules while using the same score.