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“Projects” will feature music and collaborations centered around a diverse range of themes. As I draw inspiration from my inner world of imagination, I will continue to create music as MINGUSS, while exploring entirely new soundscapes.

Sounds meticulously crafted on software are seamless, leaving no room for gaps. While doing a commendable job at playing back music faithfully, when it comes to engaging in a musical dialogue with the performer and operating within the space of creative freedom, it can be challenging. I’ve felt this to be at times a hindrance.

I’ve embarked on a journey to explore a creative approach to music where “there’s room for freedom of choice and the musician’s breath, even in the presence of sheet music and rules.” Furthermore, I find the idea of seeking the wellspring of creativity outside of oneself rather than within one’s own inner world to be particularly intriguing.

One by one, as an ongoing basis, this will be the place that I will present sounds based on research themes related to especially biology and nature, encompassing various phenomena and records that I cannot control. These sounds, at times deliberately left in an unfinished state, are intended to capture their evolving nature.